Rene Magritte has long been a celebrated figure in Belgium. Known for his works of art, he has influenced numerous artists around the world and art movements such as pop art and conceptualism. He is considered by many to be one of Belgium’s most renowned artists and regarded as one of the best Surrealist artists in the country’s history.

Born in 1898, Magritte came from a humble background and became attracted to art early in his life. He experienced great tragedy when his mother committed suicide when he was only 14, whose death many speculate influenced some of his later works. Magritte experimented with a variety of painting styles including Impressionist painting, Cubism, and Futurism. His artwork went through various styles and period, but he ultimately became taken with Surrealism.

Magritte’s most famous artworks include The Son of Man which he painted in 1964 and considered a self-portrait of himself, The Lovers which he painted in 1928, and Time Transfixed which he painted in 1938. He would also marry Georgette Berger, who would serve as a muse for his painting throughout his life. Magritte’s paintings would go on to receive much acclaim from critics. He, however, passed away in 1967 of pancreatic cancer and would receive much more praise for his work after his death.

Magritte has recently appeared in the news again due to Brussels Airlines decision to name a plane after him to honor him and his contributions to Belgian society. The plane created in honor of him is part of a series done by Brussels Airlines to honor great Belgians. The livery on the aircraft is composed of three of Magritte’s best-known works: – La Belle Société, created from 1965-1966, La Clairvoyance, painted in 1936, and Le Retour, created in 1940. The plane will be used for European flights and is an indication of the impact and renown Rene Magritte has had on Belgium.

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