Your next MegaDo could be free.

Refer your friends to Rudy Maxa’s Tours and earn a credit towards a future MegaDo!

Did you know that MegaDo, LLC also operates intimate luxury trips around the worldWe have partnered with Rudy Maxa, one of America’s most trusted travel journalists, to run small luxury group tours to exciting destinations featured on Rudy Maxa’s travel shows.

The tours are strictly capped to 20 participants or less, fully inclusive, and crafted for ultimate peace of mind.

Rudy and his professional team of travel experts have curated extraordinary itineraries featuring top destinations from Rudy’s shows. The team provides personal service and assistance from booking throughout the journey.

For each customer you refer to Rudy Maxa’s Tours, we’ll credit you $500 towards a future MegaDo.

Terms and conditions

  • For each person referred to MegaDo, LLC for the booking of a Rudy Maxa Tour (MaxaTours) the referrer will receive a 50% discount on a future MegaDo. The 50% shall be available to the referrer upon the completion by the person referred of the corresponding MaxaTour.
  • Should the person referred not complete the MaxaTour, or otherwise not complete payment for the Tour, no discount shall be earned.
  • The 50% discount shall have a maximum value of $500.00 USD. No refund will be given for any portion of the discount that is not needed to cover the cost of a MegaDo.
  • Multiple discounts can be combined to reduce the total cost of a MegaDo. For example, a person who refers two persons to a MaxaTour can receive a discount for 100% off of a MegaDo (2×50%) up to a maximum value of $1000 USD. Should the referrer refer more than 2 persons to a MaxaTour, that individual can receive multiple additional discounts. These discounts can be combined to offset the cost of a MegaDo, up to maximum value of the discount. For example, an individual who refers four persons to a MaxaTour will receive four 50% discounts worth up to $500.00 each. This individual can combine these four discounts to offset up to $2000.00 of the cost of a MegaDo. Alternatively, the individual can use the discounts for multiple persons or multiple MegaDos. Any residual value of any discount is forfeited upon redemption of the discount. The discount has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or its equivalent. Alternatively, the referrer may at their election convert their discount on a MegaDo for a discount on a MaxaTour. If the referrer elects for a discount on a MaxaTour they will receive a 5% discount for each person referred to a MaxaTour.
  • This discount will be earned upon completion of the tour for which the referred person completed and fully paid.  No discount will be earned on tours where the referred person cancels or otherwise does not participate in the tour.
  • The discounts cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Discounts are not available where they are taxed or otherwise prohibited by law.

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