Ask anyone who has attended a MegaDo before and you’re sure to get a huge smile on their face. MegaDo is unlike any event you’ve ever been on – it’s a mix of aviation love, frequent flyer passion and new friendship.

Let’s recap the top three reasons YOU need to attend a MegaDo.

New Experiences

Imagine being the first group of people on a specific type of airplane. Or a personal tour of the Airbus factory in Germany, something that’s generally off limits. Or maybe it’s meeting the executives of major airline alliances and their airlines. How about trying your hand at a cockpit simulator? Or managing the boarding of a real commercial flight? The experiences you do on MegaDo you can’t get anywhere else, and we organize the entire trip for you. All you have to do is come and partake!

  • The FIRST group (public or private) ever to go inside the Boeing 787.
  • The FIRST group (public or private) to charter the first North American Boeing 787.
  • Mingling with airline CEOs and hotel executives, including Jeff Smisek (former CEO, United Airlines), Doug Parker (CEO, American Airlines), Wolfgang Mayrhuber (CEO, Lufthansa), Hoyt Harper (Senior Vice President, Starwood Hotels), Jaan Albrecht (former CEO, Star Alliance), Mark Schwab (CEO, Star Alliance)
  • A visit of the Airbus A380 assembly line in Toulouse, France.
  • Insiders’ tours at Frankfurt and Munich airports and activities such as baggage loading on live aircraft.


This past MegaDo we had a sunset cocktail reception on a beach in Mykonos, Greece. MegaDo isn’t just about learning and gaining new experiences – it’s also about fun along the way. Fancy a whisky tasting in one airline’s exclusive first class lounge? Yup, we’ve done that. 🙂 Our charter planes are filled with dozens of your closest friends, with plenty of time for chatting and having a blast. Our MegaDo charters also feature a wonderful raffle where you’ll have the chance to bid on unique trips, experiences, upgrades, mementos and more, all for a good cause.


MegaDo is more fun with others, and why not come along with other aviation enthusiasts? If you don’t know anyone, no sweat. We guarantee that by the end of the charter trip you’ll make tons of new friends, and will keep in touch with them even after landing at home.

Our events feature participants from across the globe – so, you’ll get to mingle with fellow travelers from perhaps your own country, or that of somewhere on the other side of the world, which is pretty neat. 🙂

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