Here are answers to common questions. If you still have a question, feel free to contact us at megado@megado.com or join the conversation at InsideFlyer.


Where can I ask questions?

We recommend that you join the discussion over at InsideFlyer. The event organizers will be responding to questions on a daily basis. You may also email us at megado@megado.com.

Is the schedule final?

The overall event schedule is available here. Additional events and activities may be scheduled. Participants will get the final schedule on the first day of the event. The detailed schedule will show where to meet on a daily basis. Participants are expected to meet on time – we are unable to delay our flight schedule in order to wait for latecomers. Participants who miss scheduled transportation to an event will need to arrange their own transportation to the event at their own cost.

May I attend any of the activities if I am not flying on the charter flight?
No, sorry. We really wish we could say yes. Each sponsor has created a program based on the passenger count of the airplane. Given that there are transportation, security, banquet and many other issues that go along with each event, we’re really concerned that opening any event up would lead to confusion and a strain on the budgets of those sponsors who are already working full-time to account for just those final confirmed for the charter flight.
What does the ticket cost cover?

Your ticket includes:

  • A reserved seat on our exclusive Star MegaDO flight operated by Aegean, in the class of service of your choice, with full meals and an open bar in all classes of service.
  • Access to all events and receptions.
  • Bus transportation to the events, when applicable.
The following are not included:
  • Transatlantic flights.
  • Hotel rooms.
  • Transportation to and from Zurich airport. We recommend using public transportation.
I cannot attend anymore. May I get a refund?
The terms for cancellations are spelled out in the terms and conditions. Basically the terms state that:
  • If you cancel 45 or more days before departure, you are entitled to a refund of $150.00. This is not a change fee. This means that you are only getting $150 back. However you may choose to exchange your ticket instead for a $50 change fee – please see below.
  • If you cancel within 44 days before departure, you will get a refund of $0.00.
After commencement of travel, no changes, substitutions or refunds on any portions of tickets may be made.
To request a refund, email megado@megado.com.
I cannot attend anymore. May I trade my ticket with someone else?
Ticket transfers are allowed for a $50 change fee. All transfers or substitutions are subject to approval by MegaDo, LLC.
The process is as follows:
  1. Contact us at megado@megado.com and state your intention to sell your ticket. The email MUST come from the seller.
  2. We will contact potential buyers on the waitlist. Each person on the waitlist will get one day to purchase their ticket. If we do not have any interested parties on our waitlist, you will be offered the option to find a buyer yourself.
  3. You will receive a refund, minus the $50 transfer fee, once a buyer acquires your ticket, and your registration will be canceled.
  4. One a ticket is transferred, all terms and conditions including the cancellation and change policies apply to the buyer. Exchanges are final.
  5. By selling your ticket, you void your participation in MegaDO promotions, including Aegean Gold status.
With the exception of the above method, tickets are non-endorsable, non-transferable and non-refundable. After commencement of travel, no changes, substitutions or refunds on any portions of tickets may be made.
The deadline for all ticket transfers is August 22nd.

Charter flight

Can I book a specific seat on the charter or sit with my significant other?
We are unable to reserve specific seats – simply put, this is something that we have tried to offer over the years, but a last minute aircraft swap or other changes are always a possibility.
However, when booking you may request an aisle, middle or window seat, and specify whether you would like to sit with another participant. We will make every attempt to sit all parties on a single reservation together and to honor all requests, but we make no guarantees.
Of course, you may also swap seats on board.
Are upgrades available on the charter flight?

We expect all classes of service to sell out and do not offer upgrades of any kind. Should a passenger cancel and free up a premium seat, we may offer buy-up opportunities.

What are the secure flight and passport requirements?
When booking you will be prompted for your full legal name, passport details, and date of birth. These details will be provided to the airlines. In order to travel you will need to carry your passport. This is an absolute requirement.
If you mistyped your information while booking, simply contact us at megado@megado.com with the appropriate corrections.


May I share a hotel room?

You are free to share a room with any other attendee and split the costs. This will not impact your eligibility for promotions (as long all attendees sharing a room are registered guests.)


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