The Plane Boss, the Plane

This year the Star Alliance MegaDO 5 will be operated on a United 737-900ER (same plane as SMD3). We originally had charted an Air Canada A321—the first ever MegaDo on an Airbus but changed planes out to go with a plane with no wifi! LOOK...

The Boneyard

One of the highlights for this MegaDO is a visit to AMARC (AKA …. the airplane Boneyard). While there might be inspiration from this video, we do ask for restraint (winky, winky). **this was filmed at Mojave Airport which we’re saving for a different...

Costs Went Up

Unfortunately the prices for this Star Alliance MegaDO are a little bit higher than usual, here are those reasons: The flights are longer—resulting in a cost  20% higher than last year, as an international flight the taxes are almost 30% higher than last year, costs...
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