I’m reflecting back on wonderful aviation memories that seem like yesterday. Just a few weeks ago, a whole plane filled with dedicated frequent flyers took off on the ultimate avgeek field trip. The Star Alliance MegaDo has become somewhat of a yearly tradition attracting many new faces and bringing together lasting friendships made in the sky from previous MegaDo trips. It’s a trip of a lifetime, and I can safely say that each MegaDo leaves you desperately craving the next.

One on one time with some of the best chefs behind the finest food in the sky at Do&Co.

SMD8 kicked off in beautiful Vienna, and day 1 already proved that we were off to a great start (including one of the tastiest tours of all at The Do&Co headquarters), but we still had plenty of highlights ahead to experience:

The Charter Flight – A Party in The Sky

Imagine a plane entirely-filled with 150+ of your frequent flyer friends. It might be hard to recreate an experience in the sky like that on your own, so we will let the boarding passes do the talking…


Trust me, all of the middle seats on board were filled.

Breakfast in Vienna, Lunch in Brussel, Dinner in Mallorca

It’s not every day that the average person can say they visited 3 countries in one day, but we already know that MegaDoers are far from the “average” traveler ;). Our first charter flight (SN 1070), operated by a very special Brussels Tintinliveried A320, departed bright and early from Vienna at 8:20am, headed straight to Brussels.

Quality champagne counts as breakfast, right?

One of many bottles of bubbly served before 9am.

It didn’t matter that it was early in the morning, the energy on board was lively and festive and the drinks were flowing. Before we knew it, the short flight was over, and we were on the ground in Brussels where we spent a day touring the underground airport operations at BRU, and touring the terminals at BRU (including a lounge visit for a lunch bite. Can you imagine the sight of 150 people entering a lounge at once?).

Touring and exploring inside a hanger at BRU

Obligatory Group Photo Before Heading to PMI

Our second charter segment (SN1069), which took us from BRU-PMI, was on the special Magritte-branded livery. From an avgeek perspective, it was fascinating alone to experience two of Brussels’ special A320s in just a single day.

A Day With Hyatt at Park Hyatt Mallorca

A serious highlight was when we touched down in warm and sunny Mallorca, just in time to catch the sunning sunset at one of Hyatt’s aspirational-properties – the Park Hyatt Mallorca. Not only is this property picture-perfect, new, and as luxurious as you’d expect from Park Hyatt standards, it’s also such an incredible redemption (only 20,000 points per night), which is right up our alley with this crowd!

Picture-perfect landscape during a sunset at the Park Hyatt Mallorca.

We arrived and checked into our rooms just in time to enjoy sunset drinks and bites at a the gorgeous welcome reception that was organized for all attendees. At the reception, we learned about the property from the senior management, and we were given our schedules for the following day.

Boy, did Hyatt plan some fun for us the next morning. We split into groups and we experienced 5 really unique and exciting events including a bed-making competition inside the Presidential Suite (kudos to Jamie and Susan for completing the challenge in a record-breaking 3 minutes and scoring 10,000 Hyatt points), a very informative presentation about the future of World of Hyatt (and unveiling of new properties), a delicious paella-making class, and an opportunity to learn about the local flavors and history of olive oil on the island.

Who would have thought drinking olive oil out of a wine glass would be so good?

Based on the pool-side chatter and raves afterwards, it’s safe to say that our day with Hyatt did not disappoint. Another successful MegaDo in the books; and the countdown for the next starts now…

What were some of your favorite highlights? Feel free to share your photos and connect with other attendees on the official MegaDo Facebook page.

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