The final MegaDO videos are complete and uploaded to MilePoint TV’s YouTube channel. I think these may be some of the best, so be sure to check them out!

There are two clips that were shot during the MegaDO charter. I’ll start with this example of just how little time it takes to board a Boeing 737-900 when you put your mind to it.

See, we left all our bags on the plane as we disembarked for the tour of the AMARG “Boneyard” in Arizona, and that made it much easier to get everyone back on board quickly — very important if you’re waiting for beverage service to begin. ūüėĬ†All that carry-on luggage people bring with them really does slow down the process, despite some good reasons for not checking a bag. It also indicates how quickly you can get everyone off the plane in the case of an emergency.

Finally, here are some clips from the charter flight and the tour. Since my photos alone probably didn’t do it justice, you might like to watch the video.

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