On the final day of the MegaDO, we woke up before dawn and headed downstairs for breakfast at The Ritz-Carlton Toronto. There was a big spread of eggs, pastries, fruit, and coffee to snack on before boarding the buses to Toronto-Pearson.



Though some slept on the bus, others were looking forward to the flight, since the heart of every MegaDO is when we charter an airplane to hop across the country and participate in some fun #avgeek activities.

We had our own Boeing 737-900, chartered from United Airlines for the day. With a strict 9:30 AM departure slot (Pearson is one of the busiest airports in North America), we quickly boarded to find a few treats from United sitting on the seats: a small amenity kit with in-ear headphones and pens, menus for that day’s meal service, and bottled water at every seat.


But this is a MegaDO, and no one was drinking water! We got the beverage carts triple stocked and still managed a MegaDO first — drinking every drop of booze with an hour before landing at Tucson.


Buses met us at the plane to take us to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG), commonly known as a military “boneyard” for decommissioned aircraft or even some that just aren’t being actively used. Our bus had an excellent docent leading the tour and pointing out some famous aircraft like the B-52 and several variants of the C-130. There were also a few unique aircraft that were only produced in small numbers as prototypes.


We took tons of pictures, so expect more on AMARG later. Right now we’re off to San Francisco for a hangar party to celebrate yet another MegaDO.

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