Enjoying some scotch with the gang.

Sorry for the tardy post, but last night’s reception hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto got the better of me and I had to sleep in this morning — especially after drinking into the wee hours during the after party in the Ritz’s lobby bar. I should really consider training in advance for these MegaDOs!

The Ritz-Carlton is Marriott’s premier luxury brand. I don’t normally choose high-end hotels for the bedding, but I do have a weakness for good food. Wednesday night’s reception certainly didn’t disappoint. Our hosts went all out, even providing an entire roast suckling pig!

I grabbed a glass of delicious pinot noir by the door and joined the crowd, where most people were still talking about the afternoon’s tour of the Rimowa factory. The buffets had options for everyone. I’m not a cheese fan, so I filled up on roasted vegetables and a caprese salad, stopping by the fresh gnocchi bar.

But that pig. I can’t pass up an entire roast pig.




On previous trips to Toronto I’ve noticed that pastry isn’t really this city’s thing. For whatever reason I couldn’t find a lot of cake shops and patisseries as I would in Seattle, San Francisco, or even New York. But the dessert bar didn’t disappoint. I had a bit of everything: apple tart, lemon meringue, chocolate mousse…


We were treated to a short welcome speech from Marriott and announcement of the winners of Marriott’s pre-DO promotion, awarding free nights to several guests who visited the most hotels, stayed the most nights, and spent the most revenue during September.


Everyone walked away with a great local gift: a pair of Team Canada mittens designed the upcoming Olympic Games in Sochi. They were very welcome during the walk in brisk weather to the Marriott Eaton Center this morning!


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